Privacy Policy

Digital Learning and Assignment Grading Policy

Knowledge Varsity Press will sell the Textbook and the digital resources through the bookstore or online from its portal. While processing the order, Knowledge Varsity will collect information needed to process the order, such as Name, Institution Name, Email Address, University Learning Management Systems’ Username, Section Name, and Enrolled Course. With the students’ consent, the Knowledge Varsity Education Portal will create a user account to enable the student to submit assignment files and receive graded files. Knowledge Varsity Education Portal will share student scores with course instructors and those authorized by the course instructors to maintain the student records. Some services used by the Knowledge Varsity Education portal may require sharing documents through Google Drive. Knowledge Varsity Education Portal will keep the files’ access rights in Google Drive as private and share access rights with the instructors and the individuals authorized by the instructors to maintain the student records.

Communication with Students

Knowledge Varsity may communicate with the students to provide updates, notifications, or alerts on deadlines, submission status, and score availability.

Data and Information Protection

The privacy notice applies to scores obtained by the students who have signed up for Knowledge Varsity Press assignment services. Knowledge Varsity Press maintains administrative controls and oversight on individuals working on student assignment grading to protect personal information. The data includes assignment files submitted by students and the scores obtained by the students on the same. For this purpose, the Knowledge Varsity Education Portal will use student email ID and unique UserID to identify students uniquely. All information, including student grades, is kept confidential and only shared with the course coordinator, assigned instructor, or teaching assistants.

External Site

A few of Knowledge Varsity Press resources may refer to links in another site or service. Use of other sites and services are subject to the terms and privacy policies of such sites and services.

Web Analytics

Knowledge Varsity Press site uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous visitor information, such as IP addresses, browser types, referring pages, pages visited, and time spent. Google Analytics may use cookies to gather information. Knowledge Varsity Press uses this information for system administration to identify problems, improve service, and otherwise support and deliver the Services.

Compliance with FERPA

Knowledge Varsity Press complies with all applicable provisions of the United States Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C. 1232g, 34 CFR Part 99 (FERPA) in receiving and handling personally identifiable information from education records as a “school official” under FERPA.

Compliance with Other Data Protection Laws

Knowledge Varsity Press is committed to complying with all other data protection laws applicable to its delivery of the Services.

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