When students buy the Knowledge Varsity Press textbook, they will receive a host of learning materials, viz., Textbook chapters, Learning Exercises, Quizzes with solutions, Video lessons, Mini cases, and Master Business Cases

1. Textbook Chapter:

Textbook chapters include several screen illustrations and hence useful for hands-on learning. Each Chapter has the section “Test Your Knowledge with Answers” that has representative questions on the material covered in the Textbook chapter. We strongly encourage students  to solve the problems in the section “Test Your Knowledge with Answers.”

2. Learning Exercises & Video Lessons:

Learning Exercise provides step-by-step instruction on how to solve a problem. Additionally, links to Video Lessons provided in the Learning Exercises demonstrate how to solve the Learning Exercise.  Instructors generally do not grade Learning Exercises. They are offered purely for learning purposes.

3. Mini Cases:

Mini Case is a standalone application of a concept in a business context. Besides, it offers a  clear set of instructions. Mini cases often come with a visual image of the solution so that students can verify their answers. Your course instructor may choose to administer mini cases as part of the course assessments.

4. Master Business Cases:

Master Business Case is a business case that runs through a semester-long course. At the core, it addresses a significant business problem divided into several smaller problems, each of which neatly falls to the ambit of a couple of textbook chapters. Instructors often administer Master Business Case throughout the semester. Besides being a major business problem, Master Business Cases are typically less structured and not instruction heavy. The intent is to force students to solve problems in a slightly unstructured context.  Your course instructor may choose to administer mini cases as part of the course assessments

5. Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance perhaps is unique to Knowledge Varsity Press. Students receive a liberal dose of instructional help from our team. Our team will be readily available either on the Forum or on email for students throughout the semester for answering questions, responding to students’ queries, or undertaking grade review requests, if any.

6. Grading and Feedback:

Our team grades student submissions and offers feedback to students. Students will receive the graded submissions, along with the grader’s feedback, as decided by the course instructor. Students can review their graded submissions and seek clarifications on their grades from our team.  Besides, students can communicate with our team to seek information on deadlines, submission status, and score availability.